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Convert a Common Oceanic/Atmospheric Acronym to/from a Full Name

This web page lets you convert a common oceanic/atmospheric acronym to/from a full name. For example, the acronym "NOAA" converts to the full name "National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration".
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Or, bypass this web page and do conversions from within a computer program, script, or web page.

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Want To Do Oceanic/Atmospheric Acronym Conversions from within a Computer Program, Script, or Web Page?

If you change the extension of this web page's URL from .html to .txt, ERDDAP will respond with just the text result.

Percent Encoded - The constraints in the URL must be properly percent encoded (external link): all characters other than A-Za-z0-9_-!.~'()* (other than the initial '&' and the main '=', if any) must be encoded as %HH, where HH is the 2 digit hexadecimal value of the character. Usually, you just need to convert a few of the punctuation characters: % into %25, & into %26, " into %22, < into %3C, = into %3D, > into %3E, + into %2B, | into %7C, [ into %5B, ] into %5D, space into %20, and convert all characters above #127 into their UTF-8 form and then percent encode each byte of the UTF-8 form into the %HH format (ask a programmer for help).
For example, fullName=National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
becomes       fullName=National%20Oceanic%20and%20Atmospheric%20Administration
Note that percent encoding is generally required when you access ERDDAP via software other than a browser. Browsers usually handle percent encoding for you. There are websites that percent encode and decode for you (external link).

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